Cheaper than DIY Lights

A lot of video budget conscious producers like to DIY their production equipment. Lights are the easiest one to build (some would disagree). But as you can see in this article, if you look carefully there are cheaper alternatives. Better built, almost for the same price as a DIY and they will save you a TON of time in the building phase.

Indy Mogul show us how to build a 780 W light fixture for $86. If you have all the tools and you are a proficient DIYer, it should take you about 4 hours to build this kit. But keep reading after the video and decide for yourself.

It would make sense to build one if you were looking at a brand name light like Wescott on BH Photo. A similar kit retails for $480 dollars! Almost $400 more than the DIY version. Click here to see the product

Now at Amazon you can get a better kit, outputting 1000W with a tripod and diffuser included for $70 !!!!! Click here for the product

Another one at CowboyStudio outputs 2800 w and retails for $200. Click here for the product

You may be wondering about the built quality. Yes it is cheap, but it works as well as the DIY one. And frankly if you use it indoors at your home studio it will last you several years. I have one that I use occasionally for quite a few years and is still going.

So, if you like building things and have the time, the DIY solution is good for you. For everyone else, just buy a kit online.