Andy Costa, CEO

Andre Costa Andy spent most of his 25+ year’s career in the Information Technology and training fields where he created a number of eCommerce and Social Media sites to help Sales, Marketing and Training.

But Andy’s passion is storytelling. 7 times award winner, NATOA Winner, and Lone Star Emmy Winner, Andy shines when comes to storytelling. Jim Collins (Good to Great) once said: "if you find the intersection between what you are passionate about, what brings good money and what you can become the best in the world at, you have a GREAT business".

Andy’s 12+ years in the video industry combined with Social Media Marketing and Storytelling enables Orion 21 team to create powerful, engaging and effective videos and fulfill Jim Collins theory. We do what we love.

Andy’s favorite quote is from his top client Ziglar. “You can get anything in life you want, if you help enough other people get what they want.” Contact us today so we can help you get Over the Top.

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